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July 5, 2011 |
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Left to Right: MC: Chris Chen, MC: Cher Sun, Photographer: Mike Ngo, DJ: Tim Chin


Chris Rocking the 5DMII


DJ Tim on the 1+2.




Lovely Couple: Suki + Steve


Champagne Toast!


Suki with all the single ladies!


Steve with all the single ladies!


Suki and the fellas!


Chinese Horah!


Bouquet toss.


Garter Toss.


Putting on the garter belt.


Party time!!




MC Chris motivating the crowd.


MC Chris and Cher teaching the guests how to dance!!!!  Down Down Down Down Down Yeah! Yeah!!


OMG! MC Chris is being pull for a one on one.


Thank you Suki + Steve for having Dynasty Weddings to be a part of your once in a lifetime event.


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