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June 25, 2018 |
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34441781_10155527286462344_4442043490364293120_o156 votesKlonopin Xr
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Thank you Jae + Michael!!!  We are so happy to be a part of your big celebration at Jing Fong Restaurant.  Its because clients like Jae + Michael that pushes us to the next level as we are always striving to evolve to learn new ideas to better service our beautiful couples.

Read Ambien Drug Buy‘s Order Ambien Cr Online of Diazepam Order Bromazepam on Can You Buy Alprazolam In Mexico

My MO for our wedding and wedding planning was: do less and spend less.

We didn’t spend money on flowers because I just couldn’t digest the reality where people’s flower budget can often be bigger than their dress budget (lol what?)

We did not have a planner or coordinator – relying on friends to be free assistants.

We did not have a ceremony.

But from the start, we prioritized getting a good DJ who will get a dance party going (never even realizing how important the emcee is). Even then, we pussyfooted around engaging an emcee/dj duo because $2000+ seemed like a lot of money. When we finally decided to book, the first company we met with no longer had availability. So…about two months before the date, we just…Googled and found Dynasty.

Dynasty was not our first choice, mainly because our first choice was a friend of a friend and we just didn’t know Chris (the owner) (though I’m sure we could have found a connection somewhere given NYC Asians always know someone who knows someone). Nevertheless, I worried about hiring a stranger off of the internet.

We didn’t need to worry. Full disclosure: we didn’t know what we were doing as I’m sure many first time marrying types don’t. We weren’t wedded (hehe) to any particular programming other than wanting a fun party and minimal cheese.

In come Chris and his staff who are pros and really guided us through the whole process. Chris was super accommodating and responsive. A few weeks before the wedding we called him randomly on a Saturday and he picked up right away and calmed our nerves.

On the day of, the two hosts (we hired a bilingual duo) played to the crowd and improvised as needed. The energy was great and made the whole thing run smoothly.

I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say the host and dj company you hire is the most worthwhile money you can spend for your wedding (after the photographer?). It’s the difference between a boring dinner and a party.

Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Ambien Cr 12.5

Buy Lorazepam 1Mg

November 10, 2017 |

Tina’s Review for Dynasty Weddings:  (Services include: wedding coordinator, Bilingual MC and DJ)


Chris saved my ass a billion times on my wedding day. As a multi-cultured couple, we needed services that were bilingual in Chinese but catered to my 2nd generation needs, so initially, we signed up for the DJ and lighting (to take care of the often garish, yellow lighting in most Chinese banquet halls), with MC services and tea ceremony coverage. Then we did ceremony and cocktail hour DJ coverage. Afterwards, as the weight of double the traditions increased, we then added Day-Of coordination and it really ensured things went as smoothly as they did!

Chris himself ends up being the coordinator, and the MC (with a co-host), he was so attentive to our needs and the needs of our parents and our vendors (even our photographer, Adrienne Longo, felt taken care of by Chris!), being able to respond quickly to the absence of a particular beer that a family member enjoys, to adapting to the indecisiveness of my family, he was a picture of calm and efficiency the entire day, keeping the day going, keeping things moderately on schedule, and running cups of water to us. He received vendors, and helped me tip them and keep our belongings safe. He was the MVP, being able to communicate so well in both English and Chinese!

The DJ and cohost were also just as lovely, helping us with requests and being attentive to our needs. Sisi, the cohost, was really accommodating during the tea-ceremony, guiding my in-laws through, keeping my family going, and keeping everyone entertained. The DJ was really responsive to any requests we had, and open to suggestions to killing the music from one band.

If you’re a multicultural couple, especially one with a slipping grasp on her 1st language (guilty!) or are American-born Chinese couples, Dynasty Weddings is a must. Chris is almost prescient in how he knows what you need and what everyone who is part of your wedding needs! Keep an eye on him, he’s going to corner the market.

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21427490_10154851988287344_5793556272375053566_o1075 votesCheap Zolpidem
Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Soma From Trusted Pharmacy

Kiera & Wai’s Review about Dynasty Weddings:

My husband and I had the best wedding ever with the help of Chris and Sisi from Dynasty Weddings. Chris assisted us with organizing our wedding on the phone and us 3 adjusted the evening’s schedule on google drive doc. We really appreciated his time in organizing the schedule with us and being on the phone to give us suggestions because my husband and I never planned a wedding before so we were really clueless. Sisi was the MC at our wedding. She was phenomenal. Her and her crew. They provided the music for our ceremony as well and my favorite part that stunned me was when our ceremony ended and we kissed each other, and turned around, the crew played the best part of the song at that moment. We chose “Fireworks” by Katy Perry and the crew played the best part of that song as soon as we kissed and turned around. It was totally professional, unplanned and just perfect. Sisi was so professional and she was definitely lively. She brought the crowd to the floors and made our wedding fun and exciting. She spoke in Cantonese and English making both friends and family who only understood Cantonese or only English included in every way. She had fun games and crazy ideas. My guests continued to compliment Sisi and the music crew after our wedding as they were impressed with their awesome service. They even thought that I paid a fortune for the MC and music crew because they were exceptionally professional and experienced. To be honest, it was such a reasonable price because Dynasty Weddings is based in New York and my wedding took place in Berlin, NJ. The fact that they drove all the way to me and did such a phenomenal job at performing for my wedding was awesome. My guests also LOVED the photo booth. Dynasty Weddings made our wedding stand out and our guests thought we had a fancy wedding!

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class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1637″ src=”×768.jpg” alt=”22051193_10154911885902344_235643377833759386_o” width=”1024″ height=”768″ />

Connie and Andy found Dynasty Wedding through a Google search.  They didn’t want to hire the same vendor in the Boston metro area like the rest of their friend.  They wanted a NYC vibe, style and most of all the best music to rock their party.  The drive up to Boston was totally worth it and thank you Connie and Andy for trusting us on you big day.






Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Xanax Gg249

class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1632″ src=”×500.jpg” alt=”22219873_10154913959877344_7124636840345622684_o” width=”1024″ height=”500″ />


What a sweet note from @Jenny Lee, our client 9 years ago. I was meaning to post this earlier.  Late is better than never.

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August 8, 2017 |


Below are some teasers to Rebecca + Edward’s photo booth photos.  Please visit our Facebook fan page for the entire gallery. 

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Buying Diazepam Vietnam

July 13, 2016 |

Fabio is Chinese but born in Brazil and Isabel is Peruvian but born in Russia.  Talk about multi-cultural, this wedding was a blast.

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