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June 23, 2015 |
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March 15, 2015 |

Happy Lunar New Year!  We were very fortunate to be invited by the Garden State Plaza mall for this first time Lunar New Year celebration.  Festivities included a grand opening with lion dancing, face changer, songs performed by community groups.  We (Dynasty Weddings) played a mix of Chinese and Korean music.  Hope everyone have a prosperous and healthy year.

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January 13, 2015 |

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May-Dave-1030544 votesKlonopin Xr
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September 30, 2014 |


Who picks up the phone on their wedding day? Certainly not newlyweds Clooney and Alamuddin and neither should you! Who confirms your hand picked vendors such as make sure your cake arrives at your reception hall so that your guests can enjoy that perfect red velvet with buttercream frosting you so meticulously selected months before? Who ensures that you get a coffee and a snack when you’re in between your photo shoot and church ceremony?

Here comes the Dynasty Concierge Chronicles! Let us tackle the details you’ve spent months planning while you are featured as the star of your wedding.

Take a peek at our most recent 15 hours as a wedding concierge…..
(map and pin points below)

10:00AM Picked up bouquets at Confucius Florist 21 Bowery, Confirmed lunch pickup, Cabbed to Hotel at Rivington
10:23AM Arrived at Hotel at Rivington – assisted with flowers and photos, Assisted with putting on the wedding dress, Picked lunch up from Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, Assisted with First Look photo shoot
11:30AM Lunch at Hotel at Rivington — make up artists, bridal party and photographers – made sure bride and groom’s outfits were not made dirty
11:50AM Confirmed car service pickup at hotel
12:00PM Car service – two cars to Brooklyn Dumbo photo shoot
12:30AM Cabbed to Comfort Inn Christie Street to pick up items from grooms family
1:00PM Delivered Chinese dress and clothing changes to Golden Unicorn
1:30PM Picked up snacks for car service vendor, DJ
1:45PM Picked up table set up items
2:00PM Dropped off unity candle and ceremony programs at Church
2:15PM Fed bride and groom snacks/coffee break
2:30PM Arranged for makeup artist to do touch up at church
2:45PM Coordinated with church regarding ceremony program
3:00PM Finalized vendors at reception/banquet
3:15PM Arrived at Golden Unicorn
3:15-4:30PM – Received deliveries: florist, alcohol, cake
3:30-5:00PM – Arranged table set up, escort table, DJ set up
5:00PM Steamed Chinese dress
5:00-6:00pm – cocktail hour
6:00PM Assisted bride with dress change
7:00PM Reception – finalized Lion dance arrival
7:30PM Reception starts – lion dance
8:00PM Coordinate maid of honor and best man’s speech, etc.
10:00PM Cleaned up bridal suite
11:00PM Assisted bride to change, final clean up
12:30-1:00PM Delivered alcohol to cold storage

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Cheap Zolpidem Uk

September 3, 2014 |


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Play the video to see how fast our printer prints!  It’s an amazing experience for your guest to get onDemand prints instantly.

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Our most elegant Mermaid backdrop. Please contact us or for your photo booth event.

Awesome DJ!!!

Generic Ambien Pill Identifier from Diazepam Kopen Den Haag on Buy Legitimate Phentermine Online.

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Gorgeous view of downtown Manhattan from ceremony site.

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Wedding :: Catherine + Eric @ Ocean Jewels from Diazepam Kopen Den Haag on Buy Legitimate Phentermine Online.

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