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March 18, 2012 |
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March 7, 2012 |

Order Valium Pakistan











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Zolpidem Mail Order

November 17, 2011 |

Kelly + Vincent had an amazing wedding at the Sheraton Flushing Hotel. Ceremony took place out in the terrace. We provided music for the ceremony and lighted up the Phoenix Ballroom like a Christmas tree. The ballroom required 18 LED uplights to create the effect. Thank you Kelly and Vincent of having us to be a part of the special celebration.

All Photographs by Mike Ngo of Dynasty Weddings.

Sheraton-Flushing-Chinese-Banquet-Wedding-Photography (11)897 votesKlonopin Xr
Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Xanax Cambodia

Order Xanax Online Reddit

November 7, 2011 |

We are proud to offer our Photo Booth as a new service in 2011 as a part of your wedding. This is definitely a New York City Style Photo Booth. We just added the print option for this booth. it’s simply a hit for the guests. Please contact us for availability and pricing. Congrats to Sarah and Mark at Giando’s on the Water.

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Order Adipex Diet Pills Online

September 12, 2011 |

class=”alignnone” title=”new_york_city_photo_booth_rental_wedding_chinese_banquet_mudan_mulan” src=”” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”251″ />


<iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0″ width=”900″ height=”506″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”″>CCS Photo Booth :: Mary + Michael</a> from <a href=””>Chris Chen</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Legitimate Phentermine Online


Here is a photo teaser from Saturday’s wedding. ¬†Chinese “Fat”Buddha is blessing Elaine + Tommy’s wedding band for a lifetime of happiness.


851 votesBuy Xanax Uk
Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Diazepam With Debit Card

DJ/MC: Buy Xanax Cash On Delivery

Photography: Buy Adipex Malaysia

Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Loose Valium

class=”p3-flash-gallery-holder p3-placeholder aligncenter” style=”display: none;” src=”” alt=”” />

Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Order Adipex Weight Loss Pills

Www.Cheap Phentermine.Com

July 5, 2011 |


Photos: Mike Ngo of Buy Ambien Online Uk.

Venue: Buying Diazepam In Bali

Decorations: Balloon City

Left to Right: MC: Chris Chen, MC: Cher Sun, Photographer: Mike Ngo, DJ: Tim Chin


Chris Rocking the 5DMII


DJ Tim on the 1+2.




Lovely Couple: Suki + Steve


New-York-Chinese-Wedding-Jing-Fong-Restaurant-Best-bilingual-DJ-MC-Photographer827 votesOrder Ambien

Champagne Toast!


Suki with all the single ladies!


Steve with all the single ladies!


Suki and the fellas!


Chinese Horah!


Bouquet toss.


Garter Toss.


Putting on the garter belt.


Party time!!




MC Chris motivating the crowd.


MC Chris and Cher teaching the guests how to dance!!!!  Down Down Down Down Down Yeah! Yeah!!


OMG! MC Chris is being pull for a one on one.


Thank you Suki + Steve for having Dynasty Weddings to be a part of your once in a lifetime event.

Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Cheap Valium Australia

Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony is performed during a Chinese wedding. Tea is used in Chinese wedding ceremonies mainly because Tea is China’s national drink and it symbolizes respect.

Using tea in weddings is practical because not everybody can drink alcohol. The tea ceremony is considered a significant event in a Chinese wedding. The bride is formally introduced to the family of the groom through a Chinese wedding tea ceremony. This takes place on the wedding day itself when all of the members of the family are present.

Explanation Taken from Buy Valium China.

Photos by Chris Chen of Lorazepam 1 Mg To Buy

New-York-Chinese-Wedding-Tea-Ceremony-Jing-Fong-Restaurant-DJ-MC-Photographer584 votesBuy Xanax 0.5
Buy Alprazolam Online someimagePAGE: someimage Buy Phentermine In South Africa