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June 17, 2019 |
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February 10, 2019 |

We had the honor and pleasure to DJ our 4th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration at Westfield Garden State Plaza. The festivities include performances from local community groups, photo booth, face painting and balloon art. One lucky individual got to win ,000 of shopping spree in the red envelopes.

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Order Diazepam Overnight Delivery

November 11, 2018 |

Congratulations to Lily + Ryosuke.






Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Adipex Online 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Hennessy.  Thank you for inviting Dynasty Weddings as we work together to celebrate newly engaged couples in the upcoming months.  The event opened with a tasting from Private Client Ambassador Kathy Chan.  As all the guests sipped on Hennessy VSOP with ginger beer or green tea then finished with the grand finale tasting of the Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

IMG_126754 votesKlonopin Xr




Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Soma Legally Online

Congratulations to Chingkhei & Minjun.  This a multicultural wedding, Minjun who is American Born Chinese with a Fujianese background and Chingkhei who is Indian from Nepal.  During the evening they can a traditional Manipuri ceremony then followed by a Chinese Banquet.  During the Chinese banquet, we conducted a traditional Tea ceremony for Minjun’s family.

DJ/MC: Dynasty Weddings

Photo Booth: Dynasty Weddings

Photo & Video: Max Studio




Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online


Congratulations to Longfei and Jiahui at Gramercy Park Hotel.  Thank you for having Dynasty Weddings as your preferred wedding vendor to MC and DJ your wedding.

DJ/MC: Dynasty Weddings

Florist: Shu’s Flower

Cake: Bake by Echo






Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Order Valium 10Mg

Congratulations to Irene + Rafael.  Thank you for choosing Dynasty Weddings as your select wedding service provider.

DJ/MC: Dynasty Wedddings

Wedding Officiant: Chris Chen of Dynasty Weddings

Photo Booth:: NYC Party Booth of Dynasty Weddings

Photo + Video: Benchwerk

Hair & Makeup: VickyC5



Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Valium Within Australia

Congratulations to Angela & Nelson on their special day at The Graycliff in New Jersey.  We had a chance to meet and get to know each other at our Hennessy exclusive event at Cut by Wolfgang Puck Downtown.  I look forward to seeing you guys in the near future.





Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Ordering Ambien Online Safely

Buy Valium Colombia

August 5, 2018 |
Buy Valium In Bangkok Buy Diazepam Actavis Buy Xanax Uk




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