Engagement :: Elia + Calvin @ Central Park (From Toronto)


Elia and Calvin flew all the way from Toronto to New York City for their engagement photo session in the iconic Central Park with Chris Chen. The couple’s love for each other was evident as they laughed and smiled throughout the entire session, surrounded by the natural beauty of the park.

The session began early in the morning, as the sun was just beginning to rise over the city. The soft light of the morning sun created a warm and romantic atmosphere, perfect for capturing the love and joy of the couple. The couple chose a casual and comfortable outfit, which allowed them to move freely and enjoy the session without any distractions.

As the couple walked through Central Park, they were surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful flowers, and stunning architecture. The park provided the perfect backdrop for their photos, with a mix of natural and man-made beauty that highlighted the couple’s love and connection.

Throughout the session, the couple posed for a range of photos, from sweet and romantic shots to playful and fun images. Their natural chemistry and easy-going personalities shone through in every photo, creating a beautiful and authentic representation of their love.

The session lasted several hours, allowing the couple to explore different areas of Central Park and capture a variety of images. From the famous Bethesda Terrace to the peaceful Ramble, every corner of the park provided a unique and beautiful backdrop for their photos.

At the end of the session, the couple was thrilled with the results. The photos captured the love, joy, and excitement of their engagement, and provided a beautiful reminder of their special trip to New York City. The session was a beautiful tribute to their love, and a celebration of the power of photography to capture moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

For Elia and Calvin, the engagement photo session in Central Park was more than just a photo shoot. It was a celebration of their love and a chance to capture the beauty of their relationship in a stunning and unforgettable way. The photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of their love for years to come, and a testament to the power of photography to capture the essence of a couple’s relationship.

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