We are a NYC based video outfit that favors creative solutions to produce both unique and modern wedding videos. We use only professional filming equipment and cutting edge technologies that are up-to-date when documenting an event as important as your wedding day. Our main priority when creating wedding videos are that they should move beyond the traditional, yet still remain classic enough to be viewed by you and your loved ones for generations to come. To us, wedding videos are also keepsakes, so when creating your wedding video our efforts are centered on the idea that we are also creating an important piece of history, a piece of history that can potentially become a family heirloom.


We are experienced in pinpointing details and moments in a wedding that may be fleeting to the untrained eye. We utilize our intuition and sensitivity as well as our formal training when capturing those precious memories and instances on film. We don’t believe in staged emotions or scenes, thus we are set on capturing you and your partner in a manner as subdued and unobtrusive as possible. With our endless supply of fresh ideas, we seek to capture your relationship with sensitivity, honesty, depth and a dash of humor.


We believe that your wedding video should not only be memorable but entertaining as well. We incorporate our videos with fluid, relevant music and produce our videos with timeless, seamless editing techniques that are fully cinematic. We refuse to dress up wedding videos in cheesy effects that could date the video and make it difficult to view 20 years down the road. Our goal is to capture, create and edit your wedding video through the inspiration we draw from the unique relationship and personalities of the bride and groom.


Digital Video Coverage Starts at $3,000

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