Dynasty Photography is inspired and backed by Chris Chen Studios style and products.  We provide photography services in a wide range of styles that can be personally suited to your preferences and event. Having intensive experience and training in styles that include glamour, photojournalism, candid and formal photography, we are equipped to provide almost any favored photography style for the modern bride and groom. Our style can be described as trendy, stylish and edgy without sacrificing the ability to portray the deep sentiments between couples.


We emphasize a non-intrusive, documentary approach in our photography of weddings. The main goal of our photographers is to capture the variety and depth of emotion this special occasion inspires. We hold the belief that the most ideal and successful type of photography is one that is a reflection of the unique personality and relationship of the bride and groom. We are dedicated in pursuing photography that is distinctive to the couple and the couple’s unique relationship; therefore we also adapt our stylistic editing techniques to enhance these crucial elements.

Amidst an event as exciting as a wedding, our photographers have developed the sensitivity to identify the intricate details and tender moments that escape most untrained eyes. As the old cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words‚ indeed, we see endless potential to this quote. We document your wedding day knowing that pictures should not only be visually stunning; but encompass the depth required for them to become a lasting, unique tribute to your relationship.

Photography Coverage starts at $3,500.


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